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Human Capital & Organizational Development Consultant

The Edmonton Arts Council is a not-for-profit organization that supports and promotes the arts community in Edmonton. The EAC works to increase the profile and involvement of arts and culture in all aspects of our community life through activities that: 

•   Invest in Edmonton festivals, arts organizations and individual artists through municipal, corporate and private funding.

•   Represent Edmonton’s arts community to government and other agencies and provide expert advice on issues that affect the arts.

•   Build partnerships and initiate projects that strengthen our community.

•   Create awareness of the quality, variety and value of artistic work produced in Edmonton.

The EAC is undergoing an organizational transformation spurred by the implementation of the City of Edmonton’s Connections & Exchanges plan. To support the EAC’s organizational development which is aligned with the implementation framework, including the Operational Plan, the EAC is looking to engage the services of external consultant(s) to research and analyze interrelated human resources projects.

The scope of these projects will prepare the EAC for:

•   The thoughtful deployment of its people to foster organizational capabilities and learning.

•   The renewal of processes that support our programmatic, service and partnership work.

•   Upgrades to technology to enable streamlined, efficient and effective systemic responses to sustain relationships and deliver impact.

The scope of EAC’s organizational development work will evolve to integrate with the implementation framework of the EAC and will include the following components:


•   Development and implementation of talent mapping processes rooted in an analysis of skills and competencies and inform professional development plans, competencies bank and learning agendas to reduce organizational capacity gaps.

•   Identification and customization of job analysis tools to inform job classification and compensation systems.


•   Conduct a comprehensive audit of existing business processes to describe and analyze administrative functions, program, service and information systems and document workflow management to evolve business practices. 

•   Development of a change management model that supports the identification and implementation of outcome-based workflow plans and Key Performance Indicators that align with Connections & Exchanges deliverables.

Proponents can submit for a single component or both components of this project.

The immediate needs for the delivery of services is concentrated until June 30, 2020.

The following are items the EAC expects to be addressed within qualified proposals:

•   Full legal name of business, GST number and incorporation number (if applicable) description of proponent’s organization, size and structure.

•   Location of proponent (include full address, email and contact details).

•   Proponent’s references (name, address, telephone number and email). Minimum of three references inclusive of similar organizations which have received similar scope of services.

•   Knowledge of Edmonton’s arts community, if applicable.

•   Hourly rate for the HR Consultant; any travel or incidental expenses that are anticipated.

•   Provide consultative process, approach and methodology taken to perform the scope of services indicated including examples of similar supports.

•   Provide examples of work with similar organizations undergoing transformation and approach to managing impacts of organizational change management.

•   Identify the availability of resources (i.e. Staff, supports) to ensure deadlines are met.

•   Describe any difficulties, challenges or associated factors that are anticipated in providing services and how they will be managed.

•   Indicate any value-added services offered.

The EAC may request and receive clarification from any proponent when evaluating a proposal. The EAC may invite some or all of the proponents to meet in person to further evaluate the proposal. 

Proposal submissions will be evaluated on the proponent’s capability and fee for services in addition to value-added services. The EAC reserves the right to award the contract to any proponent and not necessarily to the lowest cost bid. The EAC reserves the right not to award a contract pursuant to this Request for Proposal.

The EAC retains complete discretion in deciding which proposals meet the requirements set out in the RFP and what evidence is considered adequate to indicate compliance with those requirements. The EAC is not obligated to provide reasons to any responding party with respect to the EAC’s discretion in selecting the proponent.

Submit proposals as a single attachment to:

Melanie Haynes, HR Specialist





Application Deadline: 
Thursday, December 19, 2019
Type of Work: 
Education Level: 
University (Graduate)
Prefered Method(s) of Application: 
By E-Mail

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Edmonton Arts Council

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